Release 1.5


Here are the updates for version 1.5 (released on 25 May 2019)


  • The audio recording screen doesn’t sleep anymore. You can conduct interviews for hours without worrying about your phone going to sleep and losing the recording.
  • Refreshed look for the camera
  • We removed the camera preview on the homescreen: many users said it raised unwarranted attention and was confusing.


  • More transparency and control on the submission of photo, video, and audio files with the forms. It’s now possible to see the progress of upload for each file, and to decide which file to send immediately and which file to save for later sending. This will make it easier on users who have limited, spotty, or expensive internet connection.
  • A new interface for forms makes it faster to attach files.
  • Users who don’t use the Collect feature can disable it to hide the Collect button from the homescreen.

Many small bug fixes and user experience improvements.